Maddy and James are one of my amazing wedding couples from last year. When Maddy asked if we prior to their wedding could do a couple / pet photography session in their home and the nearby park I was like: “YASSS!”

Having your photos taken in an environment that is dear to you, such as your home or to schedule it around activities you love is something I highly recommend. Just imagine when you’re a bit older and greyer and you look back at those photos, it’s not just pretty photos of you, it’s a time capsule of how you lived and what you loved doing.

We met in their home where their adorable furry friends kept stealing the show, and then went for a stroll to their favourite local park where they like to take their dog Lola.

So say hello to Milo the brown Burmese and Lola the rescue dog. I frickin love pets, I bet you do too!