A few frames from Ian and Hayley’s relaxed autumn wedding…

Catching  a water taxi to McKell Park. Walking in hand in hand as a couple. Marry in the lush garden. Aim to enter the reception in a rowing boat and almost fall into the water ;) Share good times and good food with friends and family at the old little boad shed.

Hayley’s maid of honour Anna (the talented designer behind Romance Was Born) designed and made the wedding dress, as well as the bridesmaid dresses. They looked like colourful birds… And Hayley’s dress… Where do I begin? Frickin. Amazing. (Some serious embroidery skills right there!!) Friends and family contributed to make their day extra special: Guitar play during the ceremony. A smoking ceremony. Songs for the newly weds at the reception…  Lots of foliage and decorations and fun things to do. And most of all, time together to celebrate.