A Mexican Fiesta | Engagement party | Curl Curl Sydney

Jess and Jarrod. Such a passionate couple! This engagement party was truly a feast, celebrating their love together with their closest family and friends. The photos and their story was published on the Australian wedding blog Nouba, read all about their cute love story there. Nouba is such an inspiring wedding blog too, so definitely check it out!
Having taken their first trip together in Mexico, Jess and Jarrod decided to have a colorful fiesta at Curl Curl beach. Guests were treated to tasty Mexican finger food and a plentiful dessert buffet that was a hit with the big and little kids alike. And of course no fiesta is complete without awesome live music. Triple J unearthed band, Bad Pony had guests dancing the night away (I think I want them for my future wedding… so good!)

I would like to give big heads up and thanking my buddy Mark (Canon mk III), Siggy 35 1.4 and the rest of my “lens dream team” for sticking with me. This is one of the darkest location I’ve ever shot in, and yet all images are shot without flash :)

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