One day in May I got an e-mail from Karin, a photographer living in Sweden. She was excited to find out that I was not only a Swedish photographer she liked, but someone who spends a lot of time in Australia as well. She told me about her sister Kristina and her husband Wayne who live Down Under (15 554 kilometers away to be precise) with their little daughter Siri and another child on the way. Siris 2nd birthday was coming up, and Karin missed them deeply. She wanted to give them something memorable, so together we planned to surprise them with a photography gift card in the mail (so much fun!). It was so lovely to hang out with and to capture this family. We met up at beautiful Turimetta beach just north of Sydney (“Little Narra” as the locals call it). I brought some toys (Siri adopted the dog “Spot” straight away, and yes, soap bubbles are a success for “older kids” a.k.a parents too!). But most of all it was all about exploring the beach and getting salty and sandy. Siri quickly went from being a little shy to the most curious explorer. I’m not sure who were the wettest in the end… Thank you Kristina for rescuing my shoes from the tide! I bet Siri is proud to be a big sister now :)