A bit over a year ago I did an engagement photo session together with Malin and Mårten in Uppsala Botanical Gardens  (view and read about it here!) . They’re such a loving couple! And so I was obviously very happy when Malin contacted me and said they were planning an intimate wedding with their closest family and their newborn little son, Olle, and wanted me to capture their day. She told me how they first had decided to postpone their wedding plans when she became pregnant, but after Olle’s birth they simply could not wait to get married. So cute. Best of all, it was all a bit of a secret. The wedding ceremony was held in beautiful Uppsala, and the city was full of summer blossom and anticipation.
Some highlights were:
1. When Mårten was told off by the celebrant for gong for the kiss “too early” (yay!)
2. The proud look in their parents and grand parents eyes as they said their vows,
and of course
3. Olle, being awesome 10 weeks old and in his cute little outfit. Such a little charmer.
(Malin’s mother did such an amazing job helping caring for him.)

All the best to you three! xx


“Waiit… don’t kiss her quite yet!”